Medical nipple reconstruction

“Finally I feel completely ….”


In the diagnosis of breast cancer, the medical consequence is often a complete surgery. If this medical act is followed by the reconstruction of the breast, the reconstruction of the nipple and the nipple vest is often dispensed with. A chest without a breast wart – an eerie self-image for most women. And so, in 2008, Andy Engel reached the first request of a patient who wanted to give her body a natural look after a surgical reconstruction of her breast with a realistic imitation of the nipple.

Thanks to Andy Engel’s pronounced love of filigree detail – coupled with the artistic ability to make realistic and lifelike tattoos – he tattooed the patient’s first three-dimensional nipple and the areola. The visible result was so exhilarating for her that she also expressed her emotional well-being in the spontaneous sentence “I feel completely at last!”.

Since then, Andy Engel has realized numerous nipple reconstructions in his studio – of course always accompanied by educational counseling sessions and in collaboration with many gynecologists and gynecologists.

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BWK – BrustWarzenreKonstruktion


The tattoo of the nipple after a nipple reconstruction completes the cosmetic result and contributes to many patients’ physical and mental well-being. Various surgeries are available to the surgeon and it is decided individually which method best suits the patient.

There are two possibilities with which we, as a cooperation partner of the certified Breast Center Main-Tauber, can help at the Missionary Medical Clinic in Würzburg as well as the Leopoldina-Hospital Schweinfurt:

1. After a breast operation, the nipple is completely missing. After successfully building the breast in the clinic we can tattoo the nipple and the areola through the three-dimensional photorealistic style on the smooth skin of the breast and represent a deceptively real-looking nipple.

2. If a reconstruction of the nipple occurred in the clinic, it is possible to match these and, of course, also the areola of the forearm with the help of the above-mentioned technique in color and optics to the “real” nipple of the opposite side. The surgical reconstruction of the areola should be avoided as this skin is usually very bad to tattoo.

Info for physicians and professionals

BWK Kooperationsschreiben Leopoldina Krankenhaus Schweinfurt
BWK co-operation letter Leopoldina Hospital Schweinfurt

Empfehlungsschreiben der Missionsärztlichen Klinik Würzburg
Letter of recommendation from the Missionary Medical Clinic Würzburg

Andy repeatedly offers seminars on the topic of medical breast carcass reconstruction (Med. BWK).


Expiration, risks and costs

What is the process of a nipple tattoo?


Before the treatment is carried out, a personal consultation takes place.

Of course, we will discuss your wishes and ideas, explain the process and the possibilities. You can arrange a detailed consultation by phone.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis by appointment. No anesthesia or other local anesthesia is necessary. The duration of the treatment is two to three hours. The tattoo can not be performed until all medical procedures have been completed.

Although there is a close cooperation between doctors / clinics and us – but we recommend – to discuss your plans with your doctor.


What risks are there?


In a hygienically clean workplace, along with the use of professional consumables, risks are virtually eliminated. The biggest risk of the photorealistic imitation of the nipple is that with existing scar tissue in the tanning area, the pigments are not so well received. As a result, the scar may appear slightly lighter in color.

What costs can arise?


The offer is unfortunately no regular cash benefit. Usually, an application must be made regarding the reimbursement of costs by the health insurance company. If this is then approved in writing, the nipple tattoo nothing stands in the way. As a rule, the costs are borne by most health insurance companies.

We would be happy to prepare a cost estimate for your health insurance company after your personal consultation, which you can then submit. In addition, you will receive as a patient our cooperation letter from the Missionary Medical Clinic Würzburg, as well as the Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt, which recommend us as specialists for nipple reconstructions.


ZDF contribution of the program “Hello Germany” on the subject of Med. BrustWarzenreKonstruktion (Med. BWK)

Andy Engel shows in the ZDF contribution of the show “Hello Germany” on the subject of Med. BrustWarzenreKonstruktion (Med. BWK) how he can help women to feel “whole” again.

Breast Cancer: How a tattoo can help

Patients like Yvonne, who come to tattoo artist Andy, do not just want a nice tattoo. They want to get rid of suffering, with realistically tattooed nipples, after a cancer diagnosis.
Bron: ZDF

Before and after example of a Medical nipple reconstruction (BWK) by Andy Engel